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These three knobs are of course yours to play with as you wish, for a subtle or strong tape effect. So, this plugin does a lot of wonderful things to your sound. Simply put, you can say that it warms up, controls and shapes. Like a compressor, saturation, limiting and a tape recorder emulator all in one neat package. To break it down, the plugin has 7 dials. The low- and high cut dials make for easy reverb mixing. The room size dial controls the duration of the reverb. A stereo width dial for easy stereo control mono to full stereo and a pre-delay dial which goes up to one second.

The last two are simply dry and wet dials.

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Easy peasy. The sound of the TAL is fantastic, and their goal of creating a colorless, maximal diffused plate reverb without digital artifacts is really heard. Synth1 is another great synth that was made as a replica of the popular Nord Lead 2. But the Synth1 is totally free.

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  • For starters, we have 2 oscillators sine, triangle, saw, and square with FM and ring modulation, sync and a modulation envelope. Not too shabby. And the sound in this synth is great. All in all, a great freeware synth that I think everyone should try at least once.

    It does have a few sound glitch bugs when changing the knobs sometimes. But generally, it's pretty stable and does the job. Very well. You also have a drive-knob for saturation and two switches for vintage color and tube on or off. It colors the sound beautifully warm, but subtle and not over the top.

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    To add some more life to dull life, or to fatten up sounds, this could easily be your go-to. The ValhallaFreqEcho is many things, along with being a staple plugin you must have in your library. It's both frequency shifter and analog-style echo, which in combination makes for a very psychedelic, trippy delay effect that feels like it's going in and out of your head.

    Frequency shifting the delay output makes for some very interesting results. Right now.

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    The 4 voice polyphonic VB-1 is a plugin you either love or hate. Its' strength comes from its' incredible ease of use. You basically have 4 knobs release, shape, damper, and volume , a picture of a bass guitar and a pick you can drag left and right for different sounds. On its' own, the VB-1 doesn't sound fantastic.

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    But I've found great use for it in creating basses for trance music. It produces a nice, basic bass signal that is brought to life with the help of some extra plugins. Throw in some EQ, saturation and bass boost and it's suddenly kicking. Log in. Cart 0.

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    Menu Cart 0. Easy, powerful and stable are three things that summarise this freeware goodie. Go get it. MinimogueVA by Voltkitchen Here we have another great emulation of a classic analog synth. Combo organs from the 60s have remained popular, finding fans more recently in guitar-based bands. Since the originals are rare, expensive and hard to maintain, software is the way forward. Combo Model F is easy on the eye and has a four-octave keyboard with a harmonic range of six polyphonic octaves.

    There are four footage tabs and three treble voice tabs, plus a multi tone booster and knee level control, as well as a bass voice, playable from the grey keys. The drawbar organ is a classic sound, yet real ones are insanely impractical to buy, maintain and transport. This virtual instrument gives you three different organ models and nine drawbars, which can be modified to change the tonewheels in use and the amount of the many frequencies in the signal. As well as six waveform shapes, you get key click, percussion switches, sustain and vibrato, as well as key split mode, monophonic mode for bass sounds and scalable pitch bend.

    The lower speaker can be switched between fixed and rotating.

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